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Southwest Nationals Sponsorship

The Southwest Long Range Nationals are held every February at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility just north of Phoenix, Arizona. We are dedicated to ensuring this match is regarded as a top tier shooting event. As we grow, we are deliberately molding the match into an industry event. We actively encourage industry support, and have opportunities for participation at several levels!

The prize table at our banquet dinner is one of the easiest ways to contribute. The prizes are given to shooters in a random drawing that favors less experienced shooters. This has two benefits. First, it ensures that more competitors take something home with them. Second, these shooters do not typically have the high-end equipment that most of the top competitors use. Winning these prizes allows shooters to experience first-hand how much your product can improve their scores. Once they use your product, they will be much more likely to continue to seek out your brand in the future and recommend you to their friends.

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Other opportunities this year include setting up a tent on the firing line or sponsoring a bonus match. Setting up a tent will allow you to display your products and interact one-on-one with your customers. If you choose to sponsor a bonus match, the top three shooters in each division will receive an additional cash prize. We will place your logo on the scorecards and results for your target, and announce your company during the stage of fire.

We appreciate all of our sponsors, no matter what level of participation. We will be displaying company banners along the 1000 yard line. We will also gladly give away promotional material such as posters, catalogs, brochures, etc., and display you as a match sponsor in our promotional material (banners, website, etc.).

We have evolved these promotional opportunities to further increase your return on your investment, while also enhancing the shooter’s experience. All donations are appreciated, and we will make sure that your contribution is recognized by the shooters in all areas of our promotional efforts. We want to ensure that your participation generates a connection with the shooters that will have lasting effects.


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