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Change to 6mm 105 grain VLD Target bullet

Overview In our continuing effort to provide shooters with the best possible bullets and information, this article will address a recent change made to one of our most popular bullets: the 6mm 105 grain VLD Target bullet. Note that this change applies to the 6mm 105 grain VLD Target bullet only, not the VLD Hunting bullet. Making bullets is all about consistency. Precision depends on it, shooters demand it. Occasionally there are reasons to change something in the bullet making process which results in new bullets being different than the old. We feel it is our obligation to communicate when these changes are made, the [...]

Hitting Targets at Long Range

A look at accuracy and precision If you’re a long range hunter (varmints to big game) or tactical shooter, or just anyone interested in hitting small targets at long range with one or few rifle shots, this message is for you. If you’re a long range prone, F-class, or Benchrest shooter, this may still be interesting for you but not as relevant given that these disciplines allow sighter shots before a record string is fired. Far too often I hear of shooters agonizing over improving the precision of their hunting rifle from 1.0 MOA groups to .5 MOA groups, or from .5 MOA groups to [...]

Getting the Best Precision and Accuracy from VLD bullets in Your Rifle

Background VLD bullets are designed with a secant ogive. This ogive shape allows bullets to be more efficient in flight (retain more velocity = less drop and wind deflection). While this result is desirable for many rifle shooters the secant ogive on the VLD bullets produces another result in many rifle. It can be difficult to get the VLD to group well (poor accuracy). For years we encouraged shooters to use a base of cartridge to end of bearing surface OAL (I will use the term COAL to represent this dimension) which allows the VLD to touch the rifling or to be jammed in the [...]