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NRA Ireland 2014 Nationals

Midlands range - 1000 yd line A few weeks ago, I traveled to Tullamore, Ireland for the NRAI 2014 Nationals. I’ve shot at the Midlands National Shooting Centre of Ireland several times now, and it has quickly become one of my favorite places to train. I believe the best way to improve your shooting skills is to challenge yourself, and the Midlands range is definitely a challenge. Some days, just hitting the paper at 1000 yards is an accomplishment, and a shot in the black is cause for celebration. Combine those challenging conditions with the beautiful scenery, tough competition and some of the [...]

Sinclair International East Coast Fullbore Nationals

1000 yd line. Looking back at the 1000 yard line. A few weeks ago, I packed up my rifle and flew to North Carolina to compete in the second annual Sinclair International East Coast Fullbore Nationals. The match was held on April 3-6, 2014 at Camp Butner. Camp Butner is a National Guard base close to Raleigh, and is always an interesting place to shoot. East coast humidity is typically high, and the range is surrounded by trees. They even have a little pond in front of the 1000 yd line. Needless to say, the mirage is very thick. As a [...]

More National Records broken using Berger Bullets!

Berger Bullets is proud to announce another new section of our website; National Records. A year back we searched to find the best records databases for competitive F-Class, Benchrest, and Long Range shooters, which we found to be the NRA database, the NBRSA 600 and 1000 databases, and the Williamsport Records database. Since then, we have been working hard to contact as many national record holders as possible and ask them "which bullet were you shooting when you broke your record?" We were very pleased with the results that we found, which is that so far more record holders in these selected categories have set their records with Berger [...]

2012 National Long Range Championships – Day 2

The week is flying by. The High Power phase has ended, and we're already halfway into the 2012 National Long Range Championships at Camp Perry. Congratulations to the winners of the High Power matches! Click HERE to see the full results. Saturday, Aug 11, was the first day of the Long Range matches. This is a special Nationals for two reasons. First, the America's Match is being shot here for the first time. The America's Match is a team event that is held every two years, and alternates between the US and Canada. Because of that match, we are lucky to have teams [...]

2012 National Matches – President’s & NTI results

It’s that time again! Rifle and pistol shooters from all over the US flock to Ohio every summer for the National Matches at Camp Perry (an Ohio National Guard base). These matches have been held since 1903 and run for almost six weeks each year. The highpower phase starts this week with the CMP Matches. This week is a blend of highpower “Across the Course” Service Rifle competition and education opportunities for new shooters. The Small Arms Firing school is open to competitors of all levels, and focuses on gun safety and training tips from expert shooters. The competition started on Monday with [...]

2012 Irish Nationals

The first time I shot in Ireland was in 2011, as a member of the US F-Class Rifle Team competing in the Creedmoor Match. I quickly fell in love with the range, the countryside and the people. So when they invited me to return this year for their Nationals, it was an easy decision. The match was to be held over a two day weekend in May. When I saw the schedule of events, I couldn’t help but wonder how they expected to fit so many matches into two days. They managed that, and much more. I flew into Dublin, and Noel Kelly [...]

Remington-Bushmaster 2012 Long Range Regional

The Remington-Bushmaster 2012 Long Range Regional Championship was held at Reade Range in Fallen Timbers, Pennsylvania on June 1, 2, and 3. We had a great turn out of over 60 shooters. Half of these shooters showed up on Friday to participate in the practice and team match. The weather had other plans for the shooters though, and the second half of the team match was rained out. Saturday started off sunny, but cool and windy, with 62 shooters registering in Sling(43), F-TR(7) and F-Open(12). Pit service was provided by the Boy Scout Troops of the area, and had a bit of a [...]

2012 Southwest Nationals

The 5th annual Southwest Nationals ran from April 21-25th at Ben Avery Shooting Facility in Phoenix, AZ. This match is sponsored by Berger Bullets, and consists of four days of High Power “Across the Course” shooting. We had over 70 shooters from up and down the West Coast. The match started on Thursday at the 600 yard line. We shot three 20-shot matches at 600 yds. Nancy Tompkins won with an impressive 600-41x. The highest possible score was a 600-60x, meaning she hit the center of the bull's-eye 41 out of 60 shots. Second place went to Phil Hayes with a 599-31x, and [...]

Berger Hybrid Bullets – From Design to Reality

One of the exciting challenges of rifle shooting is keeping up with new products and technologies. Shooters are constantly looking for ways to get greater accuracy and precision from their equipment. Rifle bullets in particular have come a long way – from musket balls to copper jacketed bullets that are capable of shooting groups under 3” at 1000 yards. The introduction of the VLD bullet design in the late 80s was a significant improvement to modern bullets. (click HERE for a history of the VLD bullet). VLD bullets are extremely efficient in the wind and have very high BCs, but they [...]

2012 Southwest Long Range Nationals

What could be better than enjoying a week in sunny Arizona in the middle of winter? Except maybe enjoying that sun, while shooting rifles and spending time with good friends. In early Feb, over 200 people came from all over North America to Ben Avery Shooting Facility for the third annual Southwest Long Range Nationals, sponsored by Berger Bullets. The week kicked off on Tuesday with the long range wind clinic. Over 85 people showed up for the clinic, which almost doubled the class size from 2011. The morning started with equipment/position tips and techniques for the different disciplines (prone shooting by Nancy [...]