One-Of-A-Kind AR-15 Type Carbine To Use Berger Bullets

Wyoming Governor Matt Mead takes aim with his new rifle. Wyoming Arms LLC, manufacturer of the highly accurate and reliable WY-15, has announced the commission by Wyoming Governor Matt Mead to produce a special AR-15 type carbine for his personal collection. The Governor's carbine will be based on the WY-15 with custom engraving including the Great Seal of Wyoming and his signature. With the billet upper and lower receivers anodized in Type III Matte Sand and the black furniture, not only will the finished firearm have a striking appearance but will also be suitable for use in the harsh environment of the Wyoming [...]

What Are The Differences Between the OTM Tactical, Classic Hunter and Elite Hunter Bullets?

We at Berger are very passionate about providing shooters with the best bullets possible. That means not only making bullets with the highest quality components and tightest tolerances, but also continuously pushing the envelope on bullet design and technology. Sometimes, we get so excited about providing shooters with better bullets that we end up introducing several new designs at once. Each is meant to meet a specific need, but it can cause some confusion. In an effort to reduce that confusion, here is a short summary of our latest bullets and designs: Match OTM Tactical bullets – designed for cartridges and rifles that are used [...]

Brush Country Monsters TV Show Hunt at the Novillos Ranch

One of the challenges Berger faces with our hunting bullets is that some hunters regard them as being good for only long range hunting. We know this isn’t true, but it is difficult to help hunters understand why. For this reason, we made the decision to sponsor a TV show called Brush Country Monsters hosted by Lamar Smith. Brush Country Monsters is based out of the Novillos Ranch in South Texas. The Novillos Ranch is a free range whitetail hunting operation that uses methods that are necessary in conditions where the brush is so thick you can't see more than 20 feet. They’ve [...]

Can Cross Training in Other Disciplines Help You Shoot Better?

Let’s face it. In the world of firearms, there is something for everyone. Do you like to compete? Are you a hunter? Are you more of a shotgun shooter or rifle shooter? Do you enjoy running around between stages of a timed course, or does the thought of shooting one-hole groups appeal to you more? Even though many of us shoot several different firearms and disciplines, chances are very good that we all have a favorite. Are we spreading ourselves too thin by shooting different disciplines, or is it actually beneficial? I have found that participating in multiple disciplines can actually improve your performance. Every [...]

Movie Review – Act of Valor

I had the pleasure of watching the movie Act of Valor. This movie focuses on telling the audience what it is like to be a real Navy SEAL. The story that is shown in the movie is not an actual event since SEALs cannot disclose much of what they actually do, but the story is made up of the very same type of threats that face America and those who have sworn to defend it. From start to finish, Act of Valor clearly communicates a genuine glimpse into what it means to be a true American hero. This movie is unique because instead of hiring [...]