Berger's 308 Winchester 155.5 Grain Fullbore Target ammunition has been used by international shooting competitors coming to the USA to shoot Fullbore style competitions longer than Berger has been making ammunition. This round was originally developed and manufactured by Berger Ballistician, Bryan Litz, specifically for shooters that didn't have the time to hand load or weren't able to due to international travel restrictions. This load has won numerous gold medals as a result. When Berger began making ammunition, Bryan used the same load he had used for years to create this cartridge offering. The 30 Caliber 155.5 Grain Fullbore Target bullet was specifically designed for Fullbore style shooting. Thanks to Berger's extremely tight tolerences in manufacturing, we are able to manufacture this bullet at a half grain higher than other bullets made for this type of competition, simply because the competitions tolerances vary enough that shooters would be disqualified by outliers in their manufacturing processes causing the bullet to go past the weight limits of Fullbore shooting if other bullet manufacturers tried to make bullets at half grain increments. We load this precision engineered bullet into premium Lapua 308 Winchester cases with a high grade temperature stable powder and a match grade primer to bring you factory ammunition that competes at the level of a hand loaded round. This round has been a 1,000 yard gold medal winner for years. Bring this ammunition to your next Fullbore match and you can be confident that you are on a level playing field with the most maticulous of hand loaders.
Distance (yds) Velocity (fps) Energy (ft-lb) Drop (inches)
Muzzle 3000 3118 -
100 2802 2720 1.47
200 2611 2361 0
300 2427 2040 -6.58
400 2251 1755 -19.08
Performance based on a 26" barrel and sea level conditions.