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270 cal 170gr Extreme Outer Limits Elite Hunter

270 cal 170gr Extreme Outer Limits Elite Hunter


Berger 270 Caliber 170 Grain EOL Elite HunterBerger 270 cal 170gr EOL Elite HunterBerger’s latest addition to the hunting line is another design inspired by Extreme Outer Limits (EOL); the 270 caliber 170 grain Elite Hunter.

This bullet is designed for maximum external and terminal ballistic performance in 270 caliber rifles which have twist rates faster than the traditional 1:10”.

Nearly all rifles chambered for 270 caliber are fitted with 1:10” twist barrels. This relatively slow twist limits the length, weight and BC of bullets that can be stabilized. Typically, the heaviest 270 bullets are around 150 grains because that is all that can be stabilized in a 1:10” twist. However, if a faster twist barrel is used for a 270 rifle, it can stabilize a much longer, heavier and higher BC bullet.

[?]Part Number
The associated part number and store link for this product.
Part Number: 27575
We would recommend the use of this bullet in these types of activities. The first application listed is what the bullet is primarily intended for and all other listed applications are secondary.
Applications: HuntingHunting
Our hunting line of bullets are made with slightly thinner jackets that allow them to penetrate 2″-5″ then rapidly expand, creating massive devastation and releasing all of its energy where it counts most, inside the animal.
[?]G1 BC
The G1 BC is used if the bullet has a flat base and/or your ballistic program only accepts a G1 BC. The G1 BC is less accurate than the G7 BC if your bullet has a boat tail.
G1 BC: 0.662
[?]G7 BC
The G7 BC is recommended if the bullet has a boat tail and your ballistic program accepts it. This will give you a more accurate drop chart.
G7 BC: 0.339
[?]Optimal Twist Rate
The twist rate that would ensure the highest ballistic peformance of the bullet.
Optimal Twist Rate: 1:8.7″ or faster
Bullet Design

Berger .270 Caliber 170 Grain Hunting Hybrid

[?]Ogive Design
The design of the “nose” of the bullet.
Ogive Design:
A Hybrid Ogive is a blend between a Secant and Tangent ogive. It is optimized to allow for an extremely low drag while still being able to be tuned and loaded easily when compared to a Berger VLD bullet.
[?]Ogive Radius
The curvature of the ogive. Hybrid Ogives combined multiple radius points and therefore are unlisted.
Ogive Radius:
[?]Sectional Density
A numerical value that is found when you divide the bullet’s weight (lbs) by its diameter (inches) squared. This number is often a good comparitor for determining bullet penetration on a target.
Sectional Density:
0.317 lb/in2
Rt/R is the ratio of a tangent ogive to the actual bullets ogive. For a truly tangent ogive, this ratio is 1.00. For a highly aggressive VLD style ogive, the Rt/R ratio is 0.50. Basically, the Rt/R ratio is an indicator of how aggressive the ogive shape is on the spectrum between VLD and Tangent.

Measurements are for reference only and may vary slightly between lots.

The newly designed 170 grain EOL Elite Hunter from Berger has a higher Sectional Density (SD) and Ballistic Coefficient (BC) than any other 270 hunting bullet in existence.

The Hybrid design blends the best aspects of the tangent and secant ogives. It starts at the bearing surface with a tangent section that will align itself more effectively when the bullet contacts the rifling. Beyond this section the shape transitions into a secant section which is proven to be to more effective in the wind. The result is a high BC bullet that is easy to tune.

The high BC allows the bullet to retain velocity better downrange which means less drop, less wind drift and a higher velocity impact with the target. The high SD gives the bullet enormous penetration potential on medium and big game animals.

These bullets are made with the longest possible Hybrid ogive. The long nose produces the highest possible BC but does not comply with the limitations of SAAMI and CIP COAL standards. This bullet is deliberately intended for hunters who use custom rifles and either have extended length magazines or single feed their ammo.

Ballistic Performance

Berger 270 cal 170gr EOL Ballistic Performance

[?]Variance in BC
This table shows you how the BC of your bullet changes with velocity as your bullet flies downrange. The G1 BC typically changes a great deal more than the G7 BC over the same range, which is why the G7 BC is recommended for more accurate trajectory predictions over long range. The chart below lists the long range average BC’s for this bullet.
Above 3000 fps 3000-2500 fps 2500-2000 fps 2000-1500 fps Below 1500 fps
G1 BC: 0.706 0.676 0.664 0.645 0.627
G7 BC: 0.334 0.335 0.334 0.343 0.354
Averages from 3000 to 1500 fps
Average [?]Variation
This is how much the BC of the bullet changes from 3000 to 1500 fps. The G7 referenced BC typically has much less variation, which means it’s a better measure of performance than the G1 BC.
G1 BC: 0.662 0.060
G7 BC: 0.339 0.021
[?]G7 Form Factor
The G7 form factor is a number that relates the drag of the bullet to the G7 standard projectile. Lower form factors indicate lower drag. Average bullets have form factors around 1.0. A bullet that has a form factor higher than 1.0 will have a relatively low BC for its caliber and weight. Bullets with form factors less than 1.0 will have a high BC for their caliber and weight. A form factor of 0.95 is considered very good for long range bullets, and form factors close to 0.90 are the best.
G7 form factor:
Rifling Twist Rate and Stability

It’s very important to understand the stability requirements of this new bullet. Most 270 rifles do not have a fast enough twist barrel. For full stability, Berger recommends a 1:8.7” twist or faster. The bullet can achieve minimal/marginal stability in a 1:10” twist barrel.

Extreme Outer Limits (EOL) MOA rifles are made with faster than standard twist rates to stabilize the highest performance bullets.

The Extreme Outer Limits MOA line of rifles are made with faster-than-conventional twist rates to stabilize such long, high performance bullets. The 270 caliber MOA rifle comes with a 1:8.5” twist, which is plenty of twist to stabilize the new Berger 170 grain EOL Elite Hunter in all conditions.

Your Custom Stability Analysis


Final Thoughts

Remember that although this new high BC, heavy-for-caliber bullet is great for long range, it’s also an excellent option for hunting at any range. The high sectional density of heavy-for-caliber bullets promotes greater penetration than lighter, faster bullets. If you’ve been considering the 270 for larger game and are concerned about the penetration potential of conventional options, this bullet is the answer.

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