Berger Bullet Designs

Berger Target Bullets

Berger Target Bullets have been winning local, regional, national and world matches for decades. Producing match grade bullets for…

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Berger VLD Target Bullets

The Very Low Drag (VLD) Target bullet design was born from a request made by the United States 300 Meter Shooting Team. Walt Berger designed…

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Berger Hybrid Target Bullets

Berger Hybrid Target bullets blend the best aspects of tangent and secant nose shapes into one ogive. It starts at the bearing surface with a tangent ogive…

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Berger Long Range Hybrid Target

Our new Long Range Hybrid Target™ (LRHT™) bullets feature an improved center of gravity and ballistic coefficient by utilizing our newest…

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Berger OTM Tactical Bullets

Berger Open Tip Match (OTM) Tactical Bullets are trusted by our military’s elite forces for being the most accurate, dependable and deadly projectiles…

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Berger Varmint Bullets

Berger Varmint Bullets are used by hunters and accuracy enthusiasts who demand the highest level of performance for their small game needs.

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Berger VLD Hunting Bullets

Berger Very Low Drag (VLD) hunting bullets are produced with one very important feature in mind: Performance. Each hunting bullet design…

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Berger Classic Hunter Bullets

Berger’s “Classic” Hybrid Hunter projectiles are built with a specially designed hybrid ogive that produces exceptional accuracy and results loaded to…

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Berger Elite Hunter Bullets

Elite Hunter Match Grade bullets are made with the longest possible Hybrid ogive (nose). As the bearing surface ends, the tangent ogive begins…

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