image of Berger Long Range Hybrid Target bullets

The new Berger 375 caliber 410 Grain Hybrid Target projectile delivers the trusted performance shooters have come to expect from Berger Hybrids and offers a long-range competitive advantage previously attainable only from a solid, lathe-turned projectile. Like all other Berger bullets dominating long-range shooting disciplines, the foundation for the 375 caliber 410 Grain Hybrid Target bullet is the industry leading Berger J4 jacket, offering unprecedented concentricity of <.0003” total indicated runout (TIR). This delivers the highest level precision, bullet balance, and shot-to-shot consistency without equal.  

Part Number: 37401
G1 BC: 0.928
G7 BC: 0.475

  • Rugged construction to survive extreme performance conditions
  • Unprecedented concentricity of <.0003″ TIR with J4 Jackets
  • Hybrid ogive performance that loads and tunes easily
  • Doppler verified with less than 1% ballistic coefficient variation
Berger 375 Cal 410 Gr Hybrid Target Bullet