Why BC Consistency Wins

At Berger, we are obsessed with the science of ballistics. Consumers share our obsession, yet repeatedly latch-on to each new projectile touting the highest Ballistic Coefficient (BC) and its claims of “best-in-class” accuracy. What should we believe? Follow our Berger No BS-BC campaign and learn more about Ballistic Coefficients, the importance of their consistency, and BC’s effect on accuracy and precision.

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Ballistic Coefficients are widely misunderstood and misleading. A high BC value has little meaning without quality and consistency in bullet construction. Our Berger Long Range Hybrid Target (LRHT) bullets have Doppler-proven Ballistic Coefficients with the tightest deviations in the industry – less than 1% variation.

Long Range Hybrid Target’s, like all Berger projectiles, have a foundation beginning with a J4 Jacket and unmatched .0003” Total Indicated Runout. Each projectile is formed using our innovative Meplat Reduction Technology™, making the LRHT incredibly precise and repeatable. This unprecedented level of quality provides less vertical dispersion at long range, better predictability, increased hit probability, and dispels the “highest-number-wins” BC-Bulls**t. Characteristics that are demanded by long-range competitive shooters, Mil/LE operators, and all-around accuracy enthusiasts.

The more you learn about BC’s, the more you will appreciate our obsession with providing real, accurate, “No BS-BCs” that represent actual performance and consistency from bullet-to-bullet and shot-to-shot. All of you know, Berger didn’t invent the Ballistic Coefficient, but our obsession with the science includes keeping the BS out of it.


What is BC?

What is BC?

BC stands for Ballistic Coefficient.  BC is a measure of external ballistic performance for bullets.  The higher a bullets BC is, the less drop, and wind…


BC Consistency

BC Consistency

How much does the G1 or G7 BC change over the flight of the bullet?  This is covered in the article Variation in BC with Velocity. The main idea…


BC, Accuracy, & Precision

BC Accuracy and Consistency

Long range shooters care about accuracy, and precision.  Both are required to hit small targets at long range, and both are impacted by the ballistic…


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Want a bullet that has both a high BC and a consistent BC?

Learn more about our new Long Range Hybrid Target bullets.

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