When we made the Berger Reloading Manual we wanted to share our expertise beyond just the data you normally find within such guides. Our reloading manual features data for over 60 different cartridges, but we also went the extra mile and added several sections of information that we believe shooters like you would find useful. Our manual includes a biography of our founder, Walt Berger, a series of technical articles written by experts in the industry, and reloading tips and tricks that can help beginners and experts alike. Our manual features guest authors like John Barsness, Nancy Tompkins, John Burns, and other such experts, whom share their experiences and knowledge about their respective fields of reloading, firearms, competitive shooting, and hunting.

Our reloading manual retails at $29 and can be purchased from many of your favorite dealers. Use our Find a Dealer tool to locate a dealer near you.

Our main goal at Berger is to help you Shoot Better. If you need reloading data for a specific cartridge or have any technical questions about reloading or the shooting sports in general, email us at support@capstonepg.com and we’ll be happy to help you.