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Berger Elite Hunter bullets are made with the longest possible Hybrid ogive (nose). Elite Hunter’s utilize the same industry-leading Hybrid ogive as our Hybrid Target bullets, the #1 choice of nearly every competitive long range shooting discipline. As the bearing surface ends, the tangent ogive begins, resulting in much less sensitivity to seating depth. As you move beyond the tangent ogive, the shape changes to a secant ogive, maximizing efficiency in the wind. The long-nosed Elite Hunter projectiles produce the highest possible Ballistic Coefficients. By design, it’s intended for hunters meticulously hand loading and either have extended length magazines or single feed their ammunition.

Our Elite Hunter bullets also incorporate a slightly thinner J4 Precision hunting jacket, which allows the projectile to penetrate 2″ to 3″ before rapidly expanding. Upon expansion, the projectile sheds most of its weight producing extreme hydrostatic shock and a massive wound cavity in the vital area. Berger Elite Hunter bullets dump their energy where it is most effective – inside the animal. Animals drop quickly, with most immediately going into shock after such trauma. An ethical kill is our #1 performance goal and is demanded by our customers.

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