Berger Target Bullets have been winning local, regional, national and world matches for decades. Flat Base Target bullets are the staple used by short range bench rest shooters who are hyper-focused on the tightest possible groups. Boat Tail Target bullets have a tangent ogive, but have a slight advantage in the wind, making these perform extremely well in windy conditions and at longer ranges. Long Range Boat Tail Target bullets take that easy-to-tune tangent ogive and lengthen it to the extreme for an increased Ballistic Coefficient (BC) and better performance at even further yardages.

Producing match grade bullets for competitive shooters is our core competency. OUR CUSTOMERS EXPECT AND EXPERIENCE QUALITY. There is no better test of a bullet’s quality than to be used in a competitive shooting discipline where everyone is aiming to win. As competitive shooters ourselves, this has always motivated us to improve our manufacturing standards and build better bullets. Berger Target bullets are the results of those efforts.

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Part # Product Description Muzzle Velocity (fps) Muzzle Energy (ft-lb) G1 BC G7 BC
223 Remington 73 Grain Boat Tail Target23020223 Remington 73 Grain Boat Tail Target282012890.3480.178

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