Berger’s 260 Remington 140 Grain Hybrid Target ammunition was designed for optimal performance in precision long range rifles. The 260 Remington is a proven true cartridge that has been successfully used in benchrest, sillhouette, high power, and precision rifle shooting disciplines for over 20 years.

The Berger 6.5 mm 140 Grain Hybrid Target bullet has been the bullet of choice for some of the highest ranked shooters in precision rifle since the sport began, ranking regularly on the top 5 bullets used by pros in multiple rifle disciplines. It is built with an optimized hybrid ogive design which gives it less drag and wind drift compared to traditional bullet designs.

We take this bullet and combine it with Lapua’s 260 Remington brass, a high grade temperature stable powder, and a match grade primer to provide shooters with the same results on paper and steel that hand loaders have come to expect when using these same high quality components. Our ballistician, Bryan Litz, created this round to be the ideal long range round for your 260 Remington rifle.

The Cartridge Overall Length for this round exceeds SAAMI specified standards and might not feed through SAAMI compliant magazines.

Distance (yds) Velocity (fps) Energy (ft-lb) Drop (inches)
Muzzle 2789 2418 -
100 2640 2167 1.75
200 2495 1936 0
300 2356 1725 -7.32
400 2220 1533 -20.92

Performance based on a 26″ barrel and sea level conditions.