The 215 grain Hybrid OTM load provides a load with both high ballistic coefficients and high velocities for this weight of bullet. At standard sea level conditions this bullet will remain supersonic out to 1500 yards and are transonic stable, making them an perfect option for shots out to mile and beyond. The combination of high BC Berger Hybrid Bullets, high and consistent muzzle velocities, along with inherent precision makes this round an exciting option.

Berger offers superior ammunition for shooters that require reliability, accuracy and consistency. Our ballistician, Bryan Litz, uses scientific techniques to develop each cartridge using only the highest quality components. Rigorous testing is done to provide consistent velocities and trajectories from lot to lot, so that each shot is as good as the last.

The Cartridge Overall Length for this round exceeds SAAMI specified standards and might not feed through SAAMI compliant magazines.

Distance (yds) Muzzle 100 200 300 400
Velocity (fps) 3017 2881 2748 2618 2491
Energy (ft-lb) 4346 3963 3605 3272 2963

Performance based on a 26" barrel and sea level conditions.

Use BCs listed for custom trajectory calculations.