Berger’s 6.5 mm Creedmoor 153.5 Grain Long Range Hybrid Target (LRHT) rifle ammunition was designed to give shooters a ballistic edge at aquiring targets at further distances than traditional factory ammunition could provide. The 6.5 Creedmoor’s unique design and minimal recoil, makes it a favorite for many competitive shooters and elite sniper units.

We designed the 153.5 Grain Long Range Hybrid Target Rifle Bullet specifically for Precision Rifle shooters that want to get a little bit of a boost in BC to engage targets at a little further of a distance than other 140-155gr class Rifle Bullets can provide. It features a jump-tolerant hybrid profile which makes it ideal for factory loaded ammunition. It has been Doppler Radar verified with less than 1% BC variation, which means tighter groups and more hits on target, especially at extended ranges. This design utilizes our new Meplat Reduction Technology to ensure a high and consistent BC that other Rifle Bullets simply cannot compare to.

We take this innovative Rifle Bullet design and load it into the same premium 6.5 Creedmoor cases that are trusted by international champion shooters around the world. We use a temperature stable powder and match grade primers to ensure that no matter where your journey takes you, your ammunition will perform reliably. This ammunition will provide you with the same advantages that hand loaders have experienced for years when loading Berger Rifle Bullets and other premium components. Be confident that if you are regularly engaging targets at 1,000 yards and beyond, this round will give you a little bit more piece of mind with your wind call adjustments.

Distance (yds) Velocity (fps) Energy (ft-lb) Drop (inches)
Muzzle -
100 2574 2266 1.87
200 2449 2052 0
300 2328 1854 -7.66
400 2210 1671 -21.73
600 1986 1348 -72.01
800 1773 1075 -157.68
1000 1571 845 -287.75

Performance based on a 20″ barrel and sea level conditions.