by: Corey Schwanz

More long range hunters consider Berger the best hunting bullet on the market because of the tight groups they can achieve and the reliable expansion on game. While Bergers have primarily been touted as the go-to long range bullet, we have tested our bullets thoroughly at close ranges and high velocities to ensure that they perform where and when you need them to. I personally haven’t taken a shot longer than 75 yards in the last 4 years and have taken shots as close as 14 yards on whitetail deer with excellent results.

To make the best hunting bullets, we start with the best bullet jackets. Our hunting bullets use a J4 Hunting Jacket, which is thinner than traditional bullet jackets, so that it will break apart and fragment within the animal in a reliable and repeatable way. Once the bullet enters the animal, it penetrates 2-3 inches then rapidly expands to create a devastating wound channel. When placed in the vitals, it creates devastating results that are well known in the hunting community.

For reliable results, we recommend that the projectile be traveling at least 1800fps when it hits the animal to ensure the rapid expansion we are known for. The bullets can still be effective at slower speeds but as they slow down, the resulting wound channels will begin to reduce as well.

For shot placement, I prefer to tuck the bullets right behind the shoulder similar to that of an archery shot. Some hunters like the “high shoulder shot” which is also very effective. I have taken that shot in the past and while it worked well, I did lose a little meat and it does not leave much margin for error if you execute a poor trigger squeeze at the moment of truth.

If you can do your job with the rifle, the bullet will do its job once it gets to the animal.


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