by: Corey Schwanz

Competitive shooters and hunters around the world consider Berger bullets to be the best rifle bullets in the marketplace because of our proven track record. When using Berger bullets, the serious rifle shooter can be confident that the “Shoot Better” slogan we use is not just marketing hype, but that we truly believe we make the best long range rifle bullets based on facts. Besides our proven performance in competitions around the world, there are very real science based reasons why Bergers are actually better. The points below are both factual tolerances and dimensions, or policies and procedures that we use to ensure our highest quality reputation.

To make the best rifle bullets, you need the best raw materials. We use only the highest quality copper and lead available to eliminate impurities or other material issues. Our material vendors have been in their industry for decades and have been qualified by our purchasing department. We have regular meetings at their facility and ours to refresh our mutual understanding of our highest material quality requirements and to review their production capabilities.

The best rifle bullets require the best bullet jackets. All of our bullets are made using our J4 Precision Jackets. J4 Precision Jackets are the only bullet jackets in the world known for less than .0003 total wall thickness variation on every size and lot. This has been true for decades and is provable by checking any lot. There are those who claim that they can meet this tolerance and we know that they can every once in a while, but to do this with every single lot is something that only we have perfected. Anyone who wants to can order jackets and check them yourself. This is an absolutely critical aspect of precision bullet performance and we are the only bullet company with this capability.

We set ourselves to a higher standard with our quality assurance process. Our bullet weight tolerances are listed below. Since we use 6 sigma methodology in our production controls, the actual results are usually tighter than these tolerances:

  • 17 Cal to 30 Cal: +/- 0.2 gr
  • 338 Cal: +/- 0.3 gr

Our bullet base to ogive tolerances are listed below. It is important to note that measuring this dimension is difficult as the point of contact is a thin and rounded surface, so using calipers and a bullet comparator will not provide you with accurate enough measurements. Most reports of bullets outside this tolerance are found to be the result of how they are measured. We use a specially developed process which includes custom made gauges to ensure reliable and repeatable measurements. Because we use six sigma methodology, most samples will actually measure much smaller than the tolerances listed below:

  • 20 gr to 115 gr: 0.003 ES
  • 120 gr to 210 gr: 0.005 ES

All jackets, cores and bullets within a given lot are made with the same dies to guarantee consistency.

Each bullet is made on a die that is designated for that bullet. This die is set aside and used again for all lots until this one die wears out. Due to natural wear and the differences between material lots, different bullet lots will vary in their measurements (as with all manufacturers), but within a lot, our tolerances are extremely tight.

We take pride in making the best rifle bullets out there, which is why we are committed to your complete satisfaction with our products and services. We will spare no effort in resolving a quality issue if it is determined that the bullets are not up to our high standards. We stand behind our quality and will make sure we resolve the matter.

If you have any issues with one of our products, contact our tech team at 660-460-2802 or and we will make sure to help.


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