F-Open Records

//F-Open Records
F-Open Records
The Southwest Nationals webpage has a new home. Desert Sharpshooters has developed a new website for their signature shooting event. Visit the new http://www.southwestnationals.net/ for more information.

The archived version of this page is below. This page will no longer be updated moving forward.

Match Course of Fire Name Score Date
600 yd Individual 20 Shots, 600 Yds Lester Bruno 200-23x 2017
600 yd Aggregate 60 Shots, 600 Yds Dwayne Draggoo 600-44x 2017
Palma Individual 45 Shots, Palma Course David Gosnell 450-38x 2017
1000 yd Individual 20 Shots, 1000 Yds Keith Glasscock 200-17x 2017
1000 yd Aggregate 80 Shots, 1000 Yds Dan Bramley 797-47x 2017
SWN Grand Aggregate – 80 Shots, 1000 Yds & 45 Shot Palma Course
Open David Gosnell 1247-84x 2017
Woman Christine Harris 1235-45x 2015
Junior Madison Bramley 1231-55x 2017
Senior Stephen Baardsen 1242-59x 2017
Grand Senior Larry Bartholome 1240-64x 2016
High Master David Gosnell 1247-84x 2017
Master Mark Roth 1240-52x 2017
Expert David Decareaux 1227-52x 2014
Sharpshooter Dan Van Galder 1236-51x 2016
Marksman Addison Mohler 1225-42x 2016
Match Course of Fire Name Score Date
4-Man Palma Team 15 shots at 800, 900, 1000 (x4) The Cluster Ducks 1789-100x 2017
4-Man 1000 yd Team 20 shots at 1000 (x4) Lapua/Brux 793-40x 2017
SWN Grand Team Aggregate 45 shots (Palma) & 20 shots (1000) (x4) The Long Shots 2579-133x 2017

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