David Gosnell

David Gosnell

Team Berger USA

Disciplines: F-Class Open and Long Range Benchrest

“Quote from shooter”

David Gosnell is a F-Open shooter and a member of the US F-Class Rifle team, who will be competing in South Africa in 2021. Having been a log-time member of the US team, Gosnell has set many records. In 2015, he set the Open 1,000 Yard record, for the second time with a score of 200-17X. In 2017, He set the F-Open Palma NRA record with a score of 450-38X.

Favorite Load

Career Highlights

  • 2019 F-Class National Championships 3rd Place Midrange and High Senior Overall
  • 2018 F-class National Championships 10th Place
  • 2017 F-Class World Championships member of winning Rutland Cup Team
  • 2017 Southwest Nationals Champion, setting Palma course record
  • 2015 Emerald Match in Ireland Emerald Champion
  • 2015 F-Class National Championships National Champion
  • 2014 F-Class National Championship 4th Place and member of team that set National 1,000 yard record
  • 2011 F-class National Championship 3rd Place and member of winning team
  • 2009 F-Class World Championships 21st Place and member of winning Rutland Cup Team