Larry Bartholome

Larry Bartholome

Team Berger USA

Discipline: F-Open

“Quote from shooter”

Larry Bartholome is an F-Open shooter who also writes for a number of industry publications.

Favorite Load

Larry uses two different setups when shooting F-Open. He shoots both the Berger 7mm 184gr F-Open Hybrid Target bullets and Berger 6mm 109gr Long Range Hybrid Target bullets loaded with Vihtavuori N160 and N165 powders.

Career Highlights

  • 2018 US Fullbore Nationals Champion (6th time!)
  • 2016 US F-Class Nationals 1st NRA F-Class International Distinguished Badge
  • 2013 US F-Class Nationals Champion
  • 2011 Creedmoor Challenge Individual Champion and member of winning US Team
  • 2006 US Fullbore Championships Champion
  • 2006 Canadian 900 Meter Championships Champion
  • 2005 World F-Class Championships (South Africa) 2nd Place Individual and 2nd Place Team Captain.
  • 2003 US Fullbore F-Class Championships Champion