Team Berger member James Fox won the Washington State High Power Championship for a third consecutive year competing with factory Berger ammunition. Before Berger ammunition became available in the marketplace just a few years ago, handloading your ammunition was considered “necessary” for competitors to win a High Power Championship. Fox, secured first place in standing, rapid fire sitting, and rapid fire prone disciplines, all with Berger ammo, to win the Championship Aggregate for Across-the-Course (XTC).

The 2024 Washington State High Power Rifle Championship was held June 1-2nd in Puyallup, WA. Hosted by the Paul Bunyan Rifle & Sportsman’s Club. 80-round XTC aggregates were fired each day consisting of the following disciplines:

Distance              Discipline                                            Shots Fired         Time

200-yds                Slow Fire Standing                           20-Rds                  20 Minutes

200-yds                Rapid Fire Sitting                              20-Rds                  60 Seconds, Two Strings

300-yds                Rapid Fire Prone                               20-Rds                  70 Seconds, Two Strings

600-yds                Slow Fire Prone                                 20-Rds                  20 Minutes

“Competitive precision shooting has history with simple facts that propagate non-truths, of which I have been susceptible to myself over the years,” commented Fox. One that I held very strongly was, ‘factory ammo just can’t be accurate enough to compete at the highest level but was I ever wrong. Once I started shooting Berger 223 Remington 77 grain ammo, I have shot some of my smallest groups at 200 and 300 yards. I’ve also shot back-to-back personal bests in rapid fire sitting at this match, and have won the Washington State Championship three years in a row now using Berger factory ammo. I am 100% sold that Berger factory ammo is the way to go, as it allows me to spend less time at the reloading bench, and more time practicing.”

Fox will compete next at the Oregon State High Power Championships in Eagle Creek, OR, June 29th and 30th.