Bryan Litz has helped to create multiple tools to help shooters. Below you will find a list of Bryan Litz Ballistic Tools along with a brief description, an image and a link to each of them. The first three tools are available online for your use, free of charge.


ballistics calculatorBerger Bullets Ballistics Calculator

The Berger Bullets Ballistics Calculator was created for beginning to advanced shooters. Using this tool you can calculate a range card (drop chart) that provides you an estimated trajectory, based on provided conditions.

The Berger Bullets Ballistics Calculator contains a bullet drop down list that allows you to to choose from any of our bullets to automatically fill in the bullet properties. We also add in the flexibility to allow you to put in your own bullet properties if you want to see how another bullet stacks up.

Access the Berger Bullets Ballistics Calculator for free here.



twist rate calculatorBerger Bullets Twist Rate Calculator

The Berger Bullets Twist Rate Calculator will provide the shooter with an estimate of bullet stability based on twist rate and atmospheric conditions.

Using the SG factor, a shooter can then determine with a high amount of probability if their bullet will stabilize. This information is great for those who are shopping for bullets, but it is also great for those who are shopping for rifles or barrels and expecting to shoot a specific bullet.

The SG factor can also help to tell how a bullet’s Ballistic Coefficient can be affected by the twist rate of a shooter’s barrel. It will even recommend bullets to the shooter if the bullet that is selected does not meet the criteria for comfortable stabilization.

Access the Berger Bullets Twist Rate Calculator for free here.



ABLLC ballistics calculatorApplied Ballistics Online Calculator

The Applied Ballistics Online Calculator is an advanced calculator that is for shooters that have read Bryan’s books and are looking for something with more depth than a standard ballistics calculator. It utilizes more advanced data than a standard calculator and can provide you with more accurate results.

The Applied Ballistics Online Calculator also allows you to select from a broad range of popular bullet models and brands so that you can compare how they perform under the same conditions.

Using the Applied Ballistics Online Calculator, you have the ability to create a gun profile which is compatible with the Applied Ballistics Kestrel. You can also do limited Weapon Employment Zone (WEZ) analysis, which predicts hit percentage on targets under various conditions.

PLEASE NOTE: The link below brings you to the Applied Ballistics, LLC. website where you can use their calculator for free. If you need technical assistance with this calculator please contact Applied Ballistics, LLC.

Access the Applied Ballistics Online Calculator for free here.



Applied Ballistics Analytics PackageApplied Ballistics Analytics Package

The Applied Ballistics Analytics Package is the ultimate desktop Ballistics program. Using the Applied Ballistics solver, you can calculate ballistics based on G1 or G7 referenced BC’s as well as the full library of Applied Ballistics custom drag models. The state of the art solver combined with laboratory measured drag data makes this the best and most complete solver on the market.

In addition to the full suite of conventional ballistics features, the Applied Ballistics Analysis Package also offers a unique capability: Weapon Employment Zone (WEZ) analysis. WEZ analysis looks at your probability of hit on targets at various ranges given user selectable uncertainty parameters. For example, you can explore the driving factors in your hit percentage against a 10” square target at 800 yards for two different rifles with a defined wind uncertainty. The method and many specific analysis were published in Bryan Litz’ book: ”Accuracy and Precision for Long Range Shooting.” Now you can have the power of this analysis technique to explore your own rifles and uncertainty environments.

REQUIRES: Window XP or above

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