It depends on a lot of factors, but usually it has to do with supply vs demand. For instance, a new and/or popular bullet might just be sold out because demand is outpacing how fast we can deliver product to dealers. The firearms industry, and ammunition specifically, is very susceptible to market fluctuations. Every few years demand drastically increases for a few months at a time, usually due to worries about regulations or because of other such issues. “Ramping up production numbers” isn’t a flip a switch solution for high quality manufacturers, it requires significant investments in machinery and weeks-months of training new employees. If a company makes a lot of investments in increasing production numbers, then the market goes back to it’s normal state (as it always does), then they’ll be in a particularly bad position. Over the past decade, we’ve seen many companies that were extremely well known go bankrupt from this exact practice. Seeking short term wins without thinking about long term stability. We believe in responsible long term growth, without any compromises to product quality. So during these high demand times, we will generally increase production numbers by increasing production hours/shifts, but our products might still be hard to find. Rest assured, we are doing all we can to fill demand, after all, that’s what we are in business to do! If you are having an exceptionally hard time and need assistance finding our products, we recommend you reach out to us directly. You can contact us at 660-460-2802 or by emailing us at