We speak to several customers a day who ask the same question, “Why can’t I find my favorite Berger Bullets?” The truth of the matter is that all components are hard to come by right now due to an overwhelming demand. After the last election cycle there were several talks of increased regulation on ammo. Many shooters began to purchase much more ammunition and components than usual, due to the fact that they were worried that prices could increase or product could become harder to get. As product became harder to find, more and more shooters began to follow suite and purchase enough to last through the season, further increasing demand and reducing the amount on shelves. This has led to industry wide growth in demand. When comparing last year’s production numbers, we have increased output by a vast amount; and with many thanks to our hardworking employees we have shipped out more product than ever before. Quality is our top priority, so we manage our growth to make sure that we keep the highest standards in quality while increasing output. We will continue to grow our production capabilities to help meet demand while also coming up with new ways to connect our customers to dealers that have the product they are looking for. Our new dealer map and dealer webstores pages are great tools to help shooters find their favorite bullets. If you still cannot find the bullets you are searching for, we recommend that you put in a backorder with your favorite dealer as early as possible to make sure that you get in on the next production run.