Ever wonder what the difference is between our hunting and target bullets? Our Production Engineer, Garett Stoddard, recently discussed this topic and more on the Australian Hunting Podcast and you can listen to the entire podcast here. Jason Selmes, the host of the Australian Hunt Podcast, picks Garett’s mind for information on bullets, ammunition, ballistics, terminal performance, and more on this hour long episode that covered topics like:

  • What makes a good bullet for target shooting vs. hunting game?
  • How do different bullet ogives affect performance? And what does VLD (very low drag) actually mean?
  • Are ballistic coefficients important, or just one part of the equation?
  • What are the differences in down range performance with flat base vs. boat tail bullets?
  • Technology advancements, new products, and much, much more!

Jason shared with us that, “Discussing tipped versus untipped bullets was certainly eye opening for me. Garett was able to give our listeners some great content exploring the rich heritage of Berger Bullets and why Berger offers premium match and hunting bullets where consistency is key to the reputation of Berger.”

Click here to listen now!