We are happy to announce our new and enhanced 375 Caliber 407 Grain Extreme Long Range Match Solid bullets.

We have taken our already record-breaking bullet design and improved upon it by lengthening the major diameter 0.125″ while shortening the minor diameter by approximately the same amount. After extensive live-fire performance testing in controlled environments, including testing done by Extreme Long Range (ELR) competitors and elite military operators, we determined that this new design will grant our ELR shooters numerous loading benefits while the bullet retains the same performance capabilities in flight and on target.

Our R&D team shared the following benefits of this design enhancement with us:

  • For a given chamber/throat, the new 407 Grain allows for more of the bullet to be seated in the case while still reach the rifling
  • Deeper bullet seating reduces cartridge volume to achieve near 100% fill ratio for the slow-burning propellants used with this class of projectile
  • Increased major bearing surface accommodates more cartridge designs by allowing a longer cartridge overall length to reach rifling
  • Exterior ballistic performance and precision are unchanged. The new 407 Grain Ballistic Coefficient is indistinguishable from its original design

Our 375 caliber ELR Match Solid projectiles feature a high-BC Secant ogive design, meticulously manufactured, and optimized for long range and specialty Mil/LE shooting applications out to 2,500 meters and beyond. Berger ELR Match Solids are produced in both 379 Grain (available now) and new enhanced 407 Grain offerings. New 407 Grain projectiles begin shipping to authorized Berger retailers in May of 2022. Reserve a box for your long-range rifle today.