Berger’s 260 Remington 130 Grain Hybrid OTM Tactical rifle ammunition is ideal for use in AR style rifles and any semi-auto or full-auto magazine fed platform. The 260 Remington is a proven true cartridge that has been successfully used in benchrest, sillhouette, high power, and precision rifle shooting disciplines for over 20 years.

The Berger 6.5 mm 130 Grain AR Hybrid OTM Tactical Rifle Bullet was designed using a unique hybrid ogive design which reduces wind-drift and increases precision, while being optimized for performance in magazine fed platforms like ARs. Many precision rifle shooters that have bolt action rifles also opt to use this Rifle Bullet over heavier Rifle Bullets so that they can get increased velocities. Made with the same J4 Precision Jackets that our target Rifle Bullets are made with, they have exacting tolerance and near perfect construction.

We loaded this Rifle Bullet with premium 260 Remington brass, a high grade temperature stable powder, and match grade primers to ensure reliable functionality and the same precision results that hand loaders have come to expect by using these same high end components. Whether you have a 260 gas gun or you simply want to push a Rifle Bullet at a higher velocity out of your bolt gun, this round was designed with you in mind.

Distance (yds) Velocity (fps) Energy (ft-lb) Drop (inches)
Muzzle 2847 2340 -
100 2684 2080 1.67
200 2526 1842 0
300 2373 1626 -7.12
400 2226 1431 -20.41

Performance based on a 26″ barrel and sea level conditions.