Berger’s 308 Winchester 175 Grain OTM Tactical rifle ammunition is a tried and true military and law enforcement design that continues to be a staple for marksmen around the world. The 308 Winchester has been a favorite for generations thanks to its flexibility, having been a popular chamber for both AR-15s and sniper style rifles. You can easily take this round and use it in either of these types of platforms.

This round was built around the 30 Caliber 175gr Berger OTM Tactical Rifle Bullet because it is the highest performing Rifle Bullet available for standard magazine fed 308 service rifles. We combined an optimized tangent ogive profile with the ideal weight for standard tactical applications, then we load these Rifle Bullets to both SAAMI and CIP specifications and through rigourous testing prove them to be transonic stable in flight, which makes this a versatile overall performer for the common 308 Winchester.

We load this round with premium 308 Winchester brass, a temperature stable powder, and a match grade primer to ensure that the round will perform exactly as expected in varied temperatures and altitudes. If you have an AR-15 or a standard long rifle that uses a magazine, this is an ideal round for any Mil/LE departments or anyone looking for a good practical target round.

Distance (yds) Velocity (fps) Energy (ft-lb) Drop (inches)
Muzzle 2668 2766 -
100 2496 2422 2.04
200 2331 2112 0
300 2173 1835 -8.46
400 2020 1586 -24.29

Performance based on a 26″ barrel and sea level conditions.