Berger’s 6 mm Creedmoor 95 Grain Classic Hunter rifle ammunition is designed for hunting small to medium game, such as white tail deer, at close to long range. The 6 mm Creedmoor cartridge was originally made popular by competitive shooters in precision rifle style matches. Now, many hunters have come to realize that the increased velocities with reduced recoil give great results when hunting.

This round is built around the 6 mm 95 Grain Classic Hunter Rifle Bullet, which features an industry-leading hybrid ogive. A hybrid Rifle Bullet combines the high BC of a VLD Rifle Bullet (secant ogive) with a traditional Rifle Bullet (tangent ogive). This best of both worlds approach means more reliability, accuracy, and precision with each shot. Berger hunting Rifle Bullets utilize a J4 Hunting Jacket, which is designed to penetrate 2-3″ and then begin to expand and create a massive wound cavity up to 15″. This delivers maximum organ/tissue damage and extreme hydrostatic shock aiding in an ethical kill. Our #1 goal is a quick, ethical, and humane harvest.

We combine this top of the line Rifle Bullet with premium 6mm Creedmoor brass, a high-grade temperature stable powder, and a match grade primer. These are the same high-end match grade components used by competitive long range shooters around the world. We combine these components with precision engineering and manufacturing to give you the most accurate and reliable performance, with repeatable results. This is your ideal ammunition if you are looking to take game at further distances with your 6 mm Creedmoor rifle.

Distance (yds) Velocity (fps) Energy (ft-lb) Drop (inches)
Muzzle 3140 2080 -
100 2921 1800 1.3
200 2709 1548 0
300 2505 1324 -6.05
400 2310 1126 -17.66

Performance based on a 26″ barrel and sea level conditions.