Team Berger’s John Mullins won the 2023 Arizona High Power Silhouette State Championship by taking first place in both Standard Rifle and Hunter Rifle divisions, March 11-12th.

The 2023 Arizona State High-Power Silhouette Championship was hosted by Hassayampa Rifle Silhouette Club at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility in Phoenix, AZ. Competitors shot 40-round Standard Rifle and Hunter Rifle matches on both Saturday and Sunday. For High-Power competition, shooters engage ten chickens at 200 meters, ten pigs at 300 meters, ten turkeys at 385 meters and ten rams at 500 meters with centerfire rifle cartridges.

“Great weekend of shooting with changing winds and Berger Bullets gave me the edge I needed to win,” commented Mullins, who scored a 58/80 in Standard and a 54/80 in Hunter rifle.

Mullins loads Berger 6mm 95 Grain VLDs and 6mm 115 Grain VLDs bullets fired out of a 6mm BR cartridge for High-Powder Silhouette competitions. Mullins will be competing this summer in the 2023 Lapua Monarch cup.