We at Berger are very passionate about providing shooters with the best bullets possible. That means not only making bullets with the highest quality components and tightest tolerances, but also continuously pushing the envelope on bullet design and technology. Sometimes, we get so excited about providing shooters with better bullets that we end up introducing several new designs at once. Each is meant to meet a specific need, but it can cause some confusion. In an effort to reduce that confusion, here is a short summary of our latest bullets and designs:

Match OTM Tactical bullets – designed for cartridges and rifles that are used in combat

These Tactical bullets are designed to bridge the gap between functionality and the highest possible ballistic performance. They are designed with a specific cartridge in mind, and will be successful at either magazine feedable lengths or loaded long for single shot firing situations. They are also made with thicker jackets, allowing them to perform reliably under the most abusive conditions found in tactical competition, tactical situations and in combat. The Hybrid bullet design blends a tangent and secant ogive. This gives shooters the best of both worlds by providing the best trajectory performance, while at the same time not requiring the bullet to be tuned to a specific seating depth like the VLD bullets.

Now Available:

– 22 cal 77 gr Match OTM Tactical

– 30 cal 175 gr Match OTM Tactical

– 30 cal 185 gr Match OTM Tactical Juggernaut (which means Transonic Stable)

– 30 cal 230 gr Match Hybrid OTM Tactical

– 338 cal 250 gr Match Hybrid OTM Tactical

– 338 cal 300 gr Match Hybrid OTM Tactical

Hybrid Classic Hunter bullets – designed for hunters who shoot factory rifles and/or feed their ammo through a magazine

For the first time in Berger’s history, we have purposefully designed a line of hunting bullets that conform to the restrictive dimensional standards set by SAAMI. These bullets were designed for hunters that shoot factory rifles and load at magazine lengths. The Classic Hunter bullets are made with a shorter Hybrid shape nose that comply with SAAMI standards; providing hunters the highest ballistic performance possible in factory rifles and standard magazine lengths.

Now Available:

– 6mm 95 gr Classic Hunter

– 270 cal 130gr Classic Hunter

– 7mm 168gr Classic Hunter

– 30 cal 168gr Classic Hunter

– 30 cal 185gr Classic Hunter

Hybrid Elite Hunter bullets – designed for hunters who use custom rifles

Like the Classic Hunters, these Elite Hunter bullets combine the best of both tangent and secant ogive features, resulting in high ballistic performance with less sensitivity to seating depth. The Elite Hunter bullets are not limited to SAAMI standards, so they have much longer noses than the Classic Hunter bullets to provide hunters with the highest ballistic performance possible.

Now Available:

– 338 cal 250 gr Elite Hunter

– 338 cal 300 gr Elite Hunter

We are committed to the idea that all shooters should have a positive experience at the range (or while hunting), and part of that means continuing to provide you with the best bullets possible. Because of this, you will see more bullets and designs in the coming months. We will try to keep the applications as clear as possible while we go through this period of growth.

Michelle Gallagher