One of the hardest things about writing a reloading manual is keeping it current without constantly moving back the print and release dates. So, how do you keep your manual to date if you continuously release new bullet models? We came up with a solution that we hope everyone will enjoy; downloadable updates for your reloading manual. The first of these updates are now available to download for free from our website at

These pages are designed the same way as your current reloading manual and can be printed out and used as additions to the data that the manual already has. Our first new data pages to be placed on our website are for several of the 338 Cartridges. These are the most popular cartridges in the 338 line and the ones we get the most requests for.

As our team creates new data, we will add it onto this page to keep our shooters as up to date as possible. We plan to expand this section to include more bullets that were recently released as well as newer cartridges that didn’t make it into the manual.


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