One of the biggest projects we have undertaken with our new website is a complete update of our ballistics calculator. After several weeks of testing, we are proud to announce that our new ballistics calculator is ready to use!

You can find the Ballistics Calculator here.

On the top of our webpage you will notice a link that says ballistics, with a drop down to our twist rate calculator and our ballistics calculator. When navigating to the ballistics calculator, the first element you will see is the bullet library. It is a convenient tool that will automatically fill the bullet properties fields with the correct information when you select a bullet from the list.

Ballistics Calculator Picture 1

Below, you will see the bullet properties fields are filled in with the 30 Cal 175 Grain  VLD Berger Target Bullet information. You would then manually change the Gun Properties, Environment, Target, and the rest of the fields to correspond with the conditions you will be shooting under. Finally, you can click Calculate Range Card to get the trajectory information you have been waiting for.

Ballistics Calculator 2

Once the Calculator Results are given, you can print them out and take them with you to the range or on your hunt!

Ballistics Calculator 3


We will also have a mobile version available soon, so keep an eye out for it!

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