Team Berger’s John Mullins Wins AZ State Silhouette Championship

Congratulations to Team Berger's very own John Mullins for taking the win this year at the 2022 Arizona State Lever Action Rifle (LAR) Silhouette Championships! John won the Rifle Cartridge LAR with a score of 74/80, the Pistol Cartridge LAR 69/80, and the Smallbore Cowboy Rifle categories 76/80, giving Mullins the overall 3-Gun Aggregate win. John shared with us that “After three days of shooting the Arizona State Lever Gun Championships and winning, I can’t wait to get back to the range to shoot some more of the Berger 6mm 115 VLDs. I use 6mm Berger Bullets for High Power Silhouette competitions out to 500 [...]

Berger Returns as Title Sponsor of the Southwest Nationals

We’d like to welcome back all of our Long Range shooting friends to the desert! This week at the Ben Avery Shooting Range, the Desert Sharpshooters Rifle Club will be hosting the Southwest Nationals long range shooting competition. This competition features F-Open, F-TR, and Sling shooting disciplines shooting at 600, 800, 900, and 1,000 yards. Berger has been the proud title sponsor of this match since it's inception, and we are always in awe at just how great of a match the Desert Sharpshooters run. “Berger is honored to continue its partnership with Desert Sharpshooters Rifle Club for this year’s 2022 Southwest Nationals. We’re excited [...]

NEW! Berger 30 Caliber 245 Grain Long Range Hybrid Target Bullets

Berger’s new 30 caliber 245 Grain Long Range Hybrid Target is the latest addition to the successful Long Range Hybrid Target (LRHT) product line. The 30 caliber LRHT boasts a high BC, jump-tolerant hybrid ogive profile that is Doppler Radar verified with less than 1% BC variation. A high Ballistic Coefficient is important for competitive shooters, long range hunters, and special operators. However, shot-to-shot BC consistency is the most critical aspect when engaging targets beyond 1,500 meters. The new 245 Grain LRHT’s are born from a partnership with US Elite Forces. The objective the 245’s achieved is to increase long-range target hit percentage at 1,500+ [...]

Come See Us At SHOT 2022!

Berger is proud to continue to exhibit at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas, NV at the Venetian Expo and Convention Center on January 18-22. We whole heartedly support the NSSF and look forward to the success of SHOT Show 2022. If you plan to attend, please come by and see us at Booth 11227 and check out our new product offerings for 2022. We'll see you there! New! Berger 6.5 PRC, 156 Grain Elite Hunter Ammunition Berger’s popular 156 Grain Elite Hunter ammunition features a heaviest-in-class projectile which has immediately become a favorite for serious handloaders, and accuracy enthusiasts stalking mid-to-large sized game. Berger [...]

New Berger 6.5 PRC and 300 PRC Elite Hunter Ammunition

We are eager to announce the addition of both 6.5 PRC and 300 PRC cartridges to the popular Elite Hunter ammunition line! Our Elite Hunter ammunition features a high BC, hybrid-ogive Elite Hunter bullet intended for serious hunters demanding an ethical, long-range precision solution. The Elite Hunter bullets utilize Berger’s J4 Hunting Jacket, which allows 2-3” penetration before producing extreme hydrostatic shock and a massive wound cavity to the vitals. The Elite Hunter deposits its energy where most effective – inside the animal. Berger 6.5 PRC, 156 Grain Elite Hunter Ammunition Berger’s popular 156 Grain Elite Hunter projectile is heaviest-in-class and has immediately become a [...]

Berger seeks Production Engineer

Berger is growing rapidly and continues to expand its production capacity! The next milestone is adding a new Production Engineer to Berger’s Greater Phoenix (Mesa) Arizona location. Berger’s Production Engineer would perform production engineering projects, interface with ballistics engineering regarding production needs, as well as perform research and testing activities exhibiting a level of expertise. The Production Engineer plans and implements engineering activities in support of the organization’s objectives. Manufacturing Engineer duties: Demonstrate strong technical expertise with production processes and methods Monitor patents, literature, and the industry for process, materials, and manufacturing technology changes  Select techniques to solve complex problems and make sound design recommendations [...]

Emil Praslick Holding Wind Reading Class at Precision Rifle Expo

Berger's very own Wind Wizard, Emil Praslick, will be teaching a wind reading class this weekend (Oct 30-31, 2021) at the Precision Rifle Expo out in Blakely, GA. Emil is world renown not only for his expert wind reading capabilities, but his capability to help teach others the skills that he has mastered. While in the United States Army Marksmanship Unit, he was the Head Coach and developed training strategies for both tactical and competitive shooting. Emil's understanding of how wind drift works and how it affects the bullet as it goes down range has helped him to develop techniques for recognizing and determining wind [...]

The Legacy of Walt Berger

It is with profound sadness that we announce the passing of Walter Berger. Walt died peacefully, surrounded by friends and family on Sunday afternoon, 19 September 2021. Walt was a man of integrity who held himself to the highest standards and imbued the company that bore his name – Berger Bullets & Ammunition - with these same values. Walt’s edict: “If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.” Walt began making bullets in 1954 because then the bullets in the marketplace did not meet his exacting standards for precision and excellence. He was so dedicated that for years he hand-turned his bullet jackets to [...]

Berger’s Missy Gilliland Wins Top Lady in multiple PRS Series

Berger would like to congratulate our very own Team Berger member, Missy Gilliland, on winning Top Lady in both the Alabama Precision Series and the MasterPiece Arms (MPA) series. Gilliland took the gold using her GA Precision 6mm Creedmoor rifle loaded with Berger 6mm 105 grain hybrid target bullets. The Alabama Precision Series Finale, which is part of the Southeastern PRS match race, was held July 24th in Carbon Hill, AL.  MPA’s Regional Series Finale was hosted by the Arena Training Facility in Blakely, GA on August 7, 2021. Gilliland shared with us, “I was thrilled to receive Top Lady for both the MPA Regional [...]

Garett Stoddard Talks Bullet Performance on Australian Hunting Podcast

Ever wonder what the difference is between our hunting and target bullets? Our Production Engineer, Garett Stoddard, recently discussed this topic and more on the Australian Hunting Podcast and you can listen to the entire podcast here. Jason Selmes, the host of the Australian Hunt Podcast, picks Garett's mind for information on bullets, ammunition, ballistics, terminal performance, and more on this hour long episode that covered topics like: What makes a good bullet for target shooting vs. hunting game? How do different bullet ogives affect performance? And what does VLD (very low drag) actually mean? Are ballistic coefficients important, or just one part of the [...]

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