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Reloading for Long Range Precision Podcast

Berger has teamed up again with Frank Galli of Sniper's Hide and The Everyday Sniper Podcast in a new podcast geared towards educating shooters about BC, ballistics solvers, hand loading techniques, and more in a two-episode podcast series titled "Reloading for Long Range." In this podcast series, Frank interviews Berger's very own Bryan Litz and Emil Praslick to pick their brains about their trade secrets. Bryan, Berger's Chief Ballistician, and Emil, a military and law enforcement expert and world renown wind-reading guru, go into detail one everything from their personal reloading techniques to advanced topics such as how to use Ballistic Coefficients to accurately predict [...]

Berger Shooters Win Hornady Precision Hunter Steel Challenge

Competitors loading Berger Bullets won both the Light and Heavy divisions and claimed the top 3 places overall during the inaugural Hornady Precision Hunter Steel Challenge. Congratulations to Rusty Ulmer for winning the Light Division with Berger 6.5mm 140 Grain VLD’s in his Creedmoor chambered Impact action with Proof carbon barrel. Brian Black took top honors in the Hunter Heavy Division and 1st place overall for the match. Brian shot Berger 6.5mm 140 Grain Hybrid’s loaded in a 6.5x47 Lapua. Brian used a Lone Peak Arms Fuzion action with Benchmark barrel and XLR Element chassis. Brian stated, “I was short on time to prepare for [...]

NEW! Berger Long Range Hybrid Target Ammunition Now Available

We are happy to announce our brand new Long Range Hybrid Target™ ammunition line is shipping to Berger authorized dealers now! Since the successful launch of the Long Range Hybrid Target™ (LRHT) bullet line, we’ve received numerous requests from shooters that don’t hand load and want to shoot these bullets. Our initial product offering includes three offerings; 6mm Creedmoor 109 Grain LRHT, 6.5 Creedmoor 144 Grain LRHT, and 6.5 Creedmoor 153.5 Grain LRHT. Berger Long Range Hybrid Target™ ammunition features Berger’s high BC, jump-tolerant hybrid ogive LRHT bullet, which is Doppler verified to less than 1% BC variation. This sets Berger Ammunition apart from any [...]

“No BS BC’s – Why Consistency Wins” Podcast Wrap-Up

Frank Galli of Sniper's Hide and The Everyday Sniper Podcast wrapped up the final episode of the NoBSBC 6-part podcast series with Berger Chief Ballistician, Bryan Litz, and Mil/LE Tactical Expert, Emil Praslick. Bryan Litz, Berger's Chief Ballistician and "the guy who literally wrote the book on Applied Ballistics." Emil Praslick, Mil/LE Expert and one of the top wind reading coaches in the world. The 6-part podcast series dispels the “highest BC is best” myth, addresses the requirements for successful long range shooting, and “Why BC Consistency Wins” outright. Each podcast is an in-depth discussion [...]

Ortiz Wins Nightforce ELR Steel Challenge with Berger 220 Grain LRHT Bullet

Congratulations to Jorge Ortiz, winner of the 5th Annual Nightforce ELR Steel Challenge! Jorge was running new Berger 30 caliber 220 Grain Long Range Hybrid Target™ bullets through his Accuracy International ASR platform chambered in 300 Norma Magnum for the impressive win. What’s inspiring about Jorge’s performance is that he outshot nearly 200 competitors engaging targets from 700 yards to 2,100 yards in extremely challenging conditions, and did so as a US veteran with bilateral above the knee amputee status after being wounded in Afghanistan. The 2020 Nightforce ELR Steel Challenge was held June 13-14th at Tillard 55 Ranch in Glenrock, WY. Jorge was kind [...]

Team Berger Shooter Crofts Wins Cabelas Long Range Regional

Team Berger member, James Crofts, scored a 573-21Xs to secure first place at the Cabelas Mid-Atlantic Long Range Regional. Crofts shot Berger 30 Cal 200.20x projectiles, Vihtavuori N150 propellant and uses Lapua .308 Winchester Palma brass exclusively. The Cabelas Mid-Atlantic Long Range Regional, presented by the Bridgeville Rifle and Pistol Club took place June 27 – 28 at Bridgeville, DE. “Tough winds with heavy mirage and lots of heat and humidity was the name of the game this past weekend. You had to watch the flags and mirage or you would spend lots of time in the 9 ring,” stated Crofts.  “The 200.20x bullet paid [...]

Berger’s Bryan Litz and Emil Praslick on The Shooter’s Mindset

Berger’s Chief Ballistician, Bryan Litz and Mil/LE Expert and Wind Wizard, Emil Praslick visited The Shooter’s Mindset on Tuesday, June 16, to take listeners further into understanding Ballistic Coefficients (BC’s), their consistency, and their effects on accuracy and precision. The Shooter’s Mindset podcast hosts, Anthony Cruz, Jennifer Seymour and Greg Cannon with Litz and Praslick, dove deep into dispelling the “highest BC is best” myth, requirements for successful long range shooting, and why BC consistency wins outright. For more information on The Shooter’s Mindset podcast, visit theshootersmindset.com. Learn more about Berger’s unrivaled consistency and quality, and catch bi-weekly articles from Bryan Litz @ NoBSBC.com.

Berger’s Long Range Hybrid Target Bullets Win K&M PRS Match

Congratulations to Berger Sponsored Shooter, Ken Sanoski, who dominated the entire field and brought home first place at the K&M/Kales Precision Rifle Competition. Sanoski outshined all competitors with the new Berger 6mm 109 Grain Long Range Hybrid Target™ bullets loaded in a 6mm Dasher. The 2020 K&M/Kahles Precision Rifle Competition took place May 22-24 at the K&M Precision Rifle Training in Finger, Tennessee with over 200 of the top PRS shooters competing. "Every year the best shooters from around the Country show up for the K&M Kahles Precision Rifle Competition. The course of fire this year was challenging with plenty of small targets. Berger 109 [...]

Listen to Episode 3 of the “No BS BC’s – Why Consistency Wins” Podcast Series, Live Now!

Episode 3 of The Everyday Sniper's podcast series "Why Consistency Wins" is available to listen to now. This episode focuses on BC's effect on accuracy at both short and long range. Bryan Litz goes into detail about what accuracy really means, while Emil Praslick gives you a quick run down of what the relationship between BC and wind is. Listen now by visiting their podcast webpage now or following The Everyday Sniper in your favorite podcast listening app. The Everyday Sniper podcast focuses on long range shooting, precision rifles, firearms, training, and industry update. With The Everyday Sniper, take control of your accuracy. [...]

Berger’s Production Engineer Garett Stoddard on Hunt Backcountry Podcast

Berger Bullets Production Engineer, Garett Stoddard visits Hunt Backcountry this Friday, May 15, to take listeners further into understanding Berger hunting bullets & ammunition, their performance characteristics, and various applications for rifle hunting today. Join Hunt Backcountry podcast hosts Mark Huelsing and Steve Speck, as they meet with Garett and discuss a variety of topics, including terminal ballistics, bullet construction, and Berger product selection to achieve optimal performance in this hour-long episode. Hunt Backcountry host Mark Huelsing stated, "Understanding the terminal performance of bullets is critical for hunters, and our discussion with Garett helped me understand how bullet design and construction directly relates to that [...]

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