We are excited to announce the release of the 338 cal 250 grain Hybrid OTM Tactical bullet. This is the latest addition to our line of Tactical bullets.

Our Tactical bullets bridge the gap between functionality and the highest possible ballistic performance. Each bullet is designed by Bryan Litz for use in specific cartridges. These bullets are designed to function accurately in the rifle’s magazines, while still maintaining their superior ballistic performance. These bullets are also made with thicker jackets, allowing them to perform reliably under the most abusive conditions found in tactical competition, tactical situations and in combat.

While some of the Tactical bullets have a pure tangent ogive, the 338 cal 250gr is a Hybrid bullet. The Hybrid design blends a tangent ogive with a secant ogive. These shapes work together to produce the best trajectory performance without the tuning requirements that the VLDs have for seating depth. Tactical bullets will be successful at either magazine feedable lengths or loaded long for single shot firing situations, which can allow for more powder capacity and higher velocities. These bullets truly give the Tactical user the best possible results for whatever situation in which they find themselves.

The 338 cal 250 and 300 grain Hybrid OTM Tactical bullets were optimized for use in the 338 Lapua Magnum cartridge, but will work great in other cartridges as well.

Currently, the 338 cal bullets are only available in the Tactical line. We will soon be launching 338 cal 250 and 300 grain Hybrid Hunting bullets as well.