I had the pleasure of watching the movie Act of Valor. This movie focuses on telling the audience what it is like to be a real Navy SEAL. The story that is shown in the movie is not an actual event since SEALs cannot disclose much of what they actually do, but the story is made up of the very same type of threats that face America and those who have sworn to defend it. From start to finish, Act of Valor clearly communicates a genuine glimpse into what it means to be a true American hero.

This movie is unique because instead of hiring a bunch of actors to pretend they were Navy SEALs, the makers of this movie quickly understood that the only way they were going to be successful at making this movie authentic was to use actual Navy SEALs. In preparing to put this movie together, they quickly identified that no actor is capable of what these men can do.

One of the aspects of this movie that I enjoyed is the fact that they didn’t end it with the same type of feel good “hero gets the girl” ending that is common in Hollywood. This movie stayed true to the people it portrayed by honoring an act of true heroism that requires the ultimate sacrifice. It explains clearly the realities of being a real life, ass kicking warrior and doesn’t pull any punches in an effort to leave the audience with a warm fuzzy feeling.

I am not a Navy SEAL or a Special Forces Operator. I was born with a condition that prevented me from putting myself to the test of being a part of this glorious group of heroes. I can’t make my next statement because I’ve been there and done that, but I know what I’m about to say is the truth. Act of Valor does the best job of any movie made in showing us real life duty, honor and sacrifice at the highest levels.

The reason I know this is true, even though I haven’t lived it myself, is because this movie trusted actual Navy SEALs to give them the story rather than the other way around. If we can trust SEALs to defend all of us with their lives, then I’m sure that keeping this movie on track with the truth was as easy for them as breathing.

I have three recommendations:
1. Go see Act of Valor and buy the DVD when it is released so you can watch it again and again.
2. Take someone else to see this movie and give the DVD to others when it is released so they can understand the efforts and sacrifices made every day to protect their freedom.
3. When you see someone in uniform, shake their hand and buy them a drink or a meal. Anyone in uniform deserves your thanks and respect. Also, you never know when you may be showing a kindness to someone who saved your life from harms you aren’t even aware of, while risking their own life in the process.

Learn more about this great movie at www.actofvalor.com

Eric Stecker