Congratulations to Amanda Elsenboss for winning the prestigious President’s 100 Rifle Match during the 2022 Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) National Rifle Matches! Amanda made history at this match by becoming the first woman ever to win the President’s Rifle Trophy in all 144 years of this competition taking place!

The President’s 100 started in 1878, and has become a historic part of the CMP National Matches that are held at Camp Perry, Ohio. Amanda competed in some very tricky wind conditions and scored a grand aggregate of 391-12x to earn her title and place in history.

Her scores for each of the four stages were as follows:

Distance Firing Position Rounds Fired Score
200 Yards Standing 10 99-1
300 Yards Rapid Prone 10 99-4x
600 Yards Slow-Fire Prone 10 99-4x
600 Yards Slow-Fire Prone 10 94-3x

Amanda went on to compete in the National Trophy Rifle Team Match on the All Guard – Grimm team, which also came in 1st to win the National Trophy! Overall, a great weekend for Amanda and we are proud to have her as a member of Team Berger.

“It’s a great feeling having ammunition and bullets that you know are successful and always go where you point them, you can’t go wrong using Berger,” shared Amanda. “The biggest variable is from the shooter – not the bullets. “

Amanda has been a member of Team Berger since 2021.