Berger’s new 25 Caliber 135 Grain Long Range Hybrid Target™ is the latest projectile offering in the highly anticipated Long Range Hybrid Target (LRHT) product line. The 25 Caliber LRHT boasts a high BC, jump-tolerant hybrid ogive profile that is Doppler Radar verified with less than 1% BC variation. A high Ballistic Coefficient is important for competitive shooting, but shot-to-shot consistency is the most critical aspect when engaging targets out to 1,000 yards.

25485 25 Caliber 135 Grain Long Range Hybrid Target Diagram

Utilizing advanced and proprietary manufacturing processes, Berger’s innovative Meplat Reduction Technology™ (MRT™) applies controlled pressure along the nose of each LRHT bullet, producing a homogeneous and repeatable profile for the industry’s most consistent Ballistic Coefficients (BC).

Berger Chief Ballistician, Bryan Litz, puts it best, “Our new LRHT bullets offer several advantages. Their ultra-sleek profiles provide a higher Ballistic Coefficient (BC) resulting in less wind drift at all ranges. Using the proprietary MRT technology also results in a higher and more consistent BC which is important for reducing dispersion at long range.” Read Bryan’s No BS BC Articles and learn “why BC consistency wins” vs. the “highest BC is best” myth.

The 25’s are ideal for many of today’s PRS and NRL disciplines that reach out to 1,000 yards and beyond. They are tailored for cartridges such as the 25 Creedmoor, 25-06 Remington, and several other innovative wildcat cartridge variants popular among competitive shooters. The 135’s require 1:8” twist or faster. Use Berger’s Twist Rate Calculator and determine the optimal twist rate for your competitive shooting conditions.

25 cal 135 gr LRHT Info Chart

The Berger 25 Caliber 135 Grain Long Range Hybrid Target™ Bullets will begin shipping in Q2 to Berger authorized retailers. Find a retailer near you at