As part of a continuing effort to help shooters connect with dealers, we have created a new “Dealer Webstores” page.

A few months ago, we asked our authorized dealers to provide us with their website information. We compiled all of the online stores that carry our product into a list and created our new “Dealer Webstores” page.

Before, if a shooter called all of their local dealers and could not find the bullet they were looking for, they only had access to the top 10 dealers’ websites. Now, they have an easily accessible list of alternative places online that they can check. This helps our shooters find new dealers while also helping our dealers get their online stores noticed.

So make sure to come by and check out our new online dealers page on our website by clicking here.

If you are an authorized dealer and want your online store to be added; make sure you have Berger Bullets listed on your website, then email us at with a link to your store page.