Berger has teamed up again with Frank Galli of Sniper’s Hide and The Everyday Sniper Podcast in a new podcast geared towards educating shooters about BC, ballistics solvers, hand loading techniques, and more in a two-episode podcast series titled “Reloading for Long Range.”

In this podcast series, Frank interviews Berger’s very own Bryan Litz and Emil Praslick to pick their brains about their trade secrets. Bryan, Berger’s Chief Ballistician, and Emil, a military and law enforcement expert and world renown wind-reading guru, go into detail one everything from their personal reloading techniques to advanced topics such as how to use Ballistic Coefficients to accurately predict trajectory using different ballistics solvers, like the Berger Ballistics Calculator. Whether you are just getting started in precision rifle or have years of experience, you’ll find these tips and tricks beneficial to helping you shoot better.

Episode One topics include:

  • Brass Preparation
  • Primers, priming tools and methodology
  • Reloading equipment
  • Dies, Tools, and more!

Episode Two:

  • Humidity’s effect on powder burn rates
  • Ladder testing “Fact or Fiction?”
  • Bullet seating depth
  • Importance of velocity at the target, ES, and SD’s
  • Mental approach to load development

“Another great opportunity to open up our platform to Bryan and Emil and dive into each of the long range reloading techniques on everyone’s minds. Giving people this kind of access through the partnership is masterclass opportunity for anyone interested in extreme long range shooting,” stated Frank Galli. Both episodes of Reloading for Long Range are available now on The Everyday Sniper Podcast or download from the iStore and Google Play.