by: Corey Schwanz

There are many different types of bullets, from solid copper to solid lead as well as a combination of the two. The types of bullets that Berger manufacturers are mostly traditional copper jacketed bullet with a lead core and a small meplat tip. This type of bullet design has been effective at achieving tight groups because of the balance of the bullet. Our J4 Precision bullet jackets are extremely concentric, meaning nearly perfectly round and balanced, which is why you see bench rest shooters generally using either our bullets or custom bullets made using our J4 Jackets.

Berger also makes precision machined solid copper bullets with the same methodology of making the bullet perfectly round with minimal imperfections. We use only first time use materials in all of our manufacturing, which helps us to ensure uniformity everywhere in the bullet. This type of bullet requires ultra precision manufacturing for the bullet to be effective at shooting extreme long range distances.

At Berger, we separate our products into 9 lines and designs, which are each type of bullet built around their own specific purposes.

In our Target line of products, we offer Target, Very Low Drag (VLD) Target, Hybrid Target, and our new Long Range Hybrid Target. Target bullets are traditional designs that are easy to tune, load, and shoot well with minimal work done on your part. You’ll find some of the best 100-200 yard bullets in this category. VLD bullets have a very aggressive design, which allows for a high BC, but makes them trickier to tune and load for your rifle. These require more effort on your part, but can often times provide you some of the best results at long range. A Hybrid Target bullet combines the ideas behind traditional designs and VLD designs to gain high BC and good long range precision, but with minimal tuning and load development in comparison to a VLD. Then the Long Range Hybrid Target takes the design of the Hybrid bullet and pushes it further with a more aggressive profile and our patented Meplat Reduction Technology, which increases the BC even further for even better results down range.

In our Hunting line of products, we offer Very Low Drag (VLD) Hunting, Classic Hunter, and Elite Hunter bullets. All of our hunting bullets have a thinner copper jacket than our target line of bullets, which ensures rapid expansion upon penetration of the animal. All of our hunting bullets perform the way they do because of the precision engineering of our jackets, which allows the bullets to penetrate into game 2-3 inches before rapidly expanding and dumping the majority of their energy, hopefully directly into the vitals depending on your shot placement! VLD bullets are designed for optimum accuracy, but will take a bit more tuning and load development to get them to work perfectly. Classic Hunters are a short hybrid design, specifically built to be used in magazine fed rifles or when SAAMI lengths are a must. The goal with these bullets is to get the best possible accuracy out of your magazine fed rifle, by providing the best BC at a length that is tolerant to magazine required Cartridge Overall Lengths (COAL). Our Elite Hunters are a longer hybrid bullet, which often need to be single fed into your rifle, but boast higher BCs than the Classic Hunter bullets. If you are using newer cartridges that are designed to allow for longer COALs, like the 6.5 Creedmoor, then you can generally still get these bullets loaded to a length that your magazine can accommodate as well!

Our Varmint bullet line of products use a thinner J4 hunting jacket as well, which allow for rapid expansion. These feature a larger meplat and/or a thinner jacket near the meplat to allow for quicker expansion on smaller game.

Our OTM Tactical bullet line of products has a thicker jacket for more reliable performance under extreme conditions. Built to the same accuracy and quality specifications of our target line, you can expect them to perform how you want them to, when you need them to. They are available in traditional ogive designs as well as hybrid ogive designs.


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