Many companies focus on showing that they have higher and higher BCs, but what they are lacking is consistent BCs. A high BC is great, but consistent BC is far more important. Without a consistent BC, your trajectory can change dramatically from shot to shot, meaning wider groups and less hits where you expect them to go. A Berger bullet stands out against the competition by having both high BCs thanks to streamlined designs and consistent BCs due to our unique jacket making process. J4 Jackets are the most consistent and concentric jackets in the world. Literally no one else in the industry can even come close to holding the standards we do. This leads to increased consistency in the way the bullet forms, which means tighter BC tolerances than anyone else can hold.

But you do not have to take our word for it, you can see the live fire data for yourself in Bryan Litz’s book, Ballistic Performance of Rifle Bullets. In this book, he compares the data of hundreds of bullets from different manufacturers. He doesn’t draw conclusions or present bias, he just shows raw facts. Visit the Applied Ballistics webpage for more info.