History of the Match Grade Berger Hunting VLD

The story of the Berger Hunting VLD is a story of discovery rather than design. The VLD bullet design was created by Ballistician Bill Davis during a project that also involved Dr. Lou Palmisano and Ferris Pindell of PPC fame. Bill’s goal was to produce a bullet design that performed better in the wind than the 30 cal 168 gr SMK. He was asked to do this by the US 300 meter shooting team, who had discovered that they were losing points late in the match due to recoil fatigue. They wanted a lighter bullet (less recoil) that would fly with the same or better [...]

“Premium” or “Match Grade” on the Hunting Bullet Label. What’s the Difference?

When we learned that our VLD bullets were a very effective and quickly lethal hunting bullet, we knew that this fact was going to be met with resistance. For decades, other bullet brands and many of those whose opinions are regarded highly by others have said that Match bullets are not good for hunting. Long ago, we made a commitment to a factual, scientific-based marketing position so we decided to leave the “Match Grade” on the box. Later, when we made thicker jackets to resolve an issue with bullets used on targets, we separated the bullets made on standard thickness jackets into the “Hunting” line [...]

Barnes’ tests proves why Berger Hunting VLDs are so successful

Barnes recently published test results on their website at the following url: www.barnesbullets.com/information/bullet-talk/lab-tests/ *NOTE - In response to this article, Barnes rewrote the introduction of their report to address some of these points. I encourage you to read their report before you continue reading this article. They shot Berger, Nosler and Barnes bullets into bone encased in ballistic gelatin at impact velocities consistent with (according to Barnes) 100 yard and 1,000 yard shots using a 7mm WSM and a 300 Weatherby. They also list accuracy results which I will address later. Based on the opening text at the top of the report it seems that [...]

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